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In brief:

I am a copywriter, born and raised in a small town, just outside of Manchester, England. My passion for advertising came in the form of telling short relatable stories with words.


I want to evoke an emotion with everything that I write. In other words,  I am from the North of England and the charming “Queen’s English”, sounds a lot better written down. No, I am not Australian and yes, I want to use my dead pan humour to tell anecdotes about my experiences with the world.


My main enjoyment away from the desk comes in the form of playing soccer. I am a former NAIA soccer player and I am still involved by being a soccer coach and social media coordinator for Savannah United. I enjoy the social aspect to coaching alongside teaching the valuable life lessons soccer provides. Teaching during the day is about connecting stubborn, middle aged male coaches with the idea of TikTok.

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